Fairbanks Morse / Berkeley Pump

   Fairbanks Morse authorized distributor                                             

Major Turbine has been distributing Fairbanks Morse for over 10 years.  During this time, the Pentair pump company purchased several of the Layne bowls and began to offer them as Fairbanks branded product.  With the Layne product line being incorporated into the Fairbanks offering, we now can offer over 50 different sizes of line shaft turbine.


Fairbanks Line Shaft Turbine pumps available up to 300 HP.

Berkeley Centrifugal Pumps

Close couple / Engine Driven

 Fairbanks line shaft turbine

 Fairbanks submersible





We also offer Fairbanks Mixed Flow / Axial Flow Pumps
 Fairbanks mixed flow - axial flow pump