Steel Pipe

All our steel pipe is A53 Grade B certified.  This assures you of a quality product without having to worry about the integrity of the steel.  Available in oil lube configurations (5,10,20' lengths) and water lube (4' 11 1/4, 9' 11 1/4") and 4-10" OD pipe sizes.  We have the ability to cut and thread any special sizes and lengths for any non-standard pipe length applications.


steel column pipe


The submersible drop pipe on hand is also ASTM A53 B, but we only keep schedule 40 wall thickness.  We have found that the taper threads on any wall thinner than schedule 40 just do not seem to last.  4", 5" and 6" pipe is available with T&C taper in 21' lengths, however we can also cut and machine to any desired length.


steel drop pipe


Pipe couplings are another stock item for Major Turbine.  On hand are 4-12" couplings with a "straight thread" configuration.  Also, available are 4-10" pipe couplings with a 3/16 taper thread for drop pipe applications.


pipe couplings

Special Layne style "combination" type couplings are available as well as special material including stainless steel.


combination pipe couplingstainless steel pipe coupling