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 Drive Shafts with and without dampeners

Sizes 41-48 in stock 

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Sizes 41-48 in stock

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  Drive shaft  Companion Flanges 41-48  shaft guards  



We may have a solution to this problem with a torsionally dampening drive shaft. As engines have gotten smaller and more efficient, the amount of torsional vibration problems have increased.  There are several options to solve this problem.  What makes this solution unique is that you do not need to purchase a dampener and a drive line separately nor do you need to remove the clutch.  The dampener is contained within the drive line.  This allows these units to be used in existing problem installations without having to move either the engine or the gear drive.

 drive shaft dampener

Here at Major Turbine, we know that safety is a critical issue and anything that lessens the chance for injury is something that everyone should seriously consider.  Also, when you can reduce potential problems such as gear drives ruined, drive lines breaking, etc., it only makes good business sense to invest in one of these units.

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