Pump parts

In order to eliminate long lead times, Major Turbine has on hand an extensive parts inventory including retainers, bearings, inserts, wire, panels, strainers and drive lines just to name a few.  Some of our stock items are shown below.  If you don't see what you are looking for, don't worry, it is very likely that whatever item it is you need, we have it.  Please contact us for all your turbine pump parts/accessory needs.


Water lube parts Oil lube parts
Water Lube Parts Oil Lube Parts


  Pump parts  
pump bowl impeller
tube tension packing box


Oil Tube assemblies  Oil Tube  Black widow centering spiders  Bronze jump & tee bearings  Shafting  Retainer Inserts
 Oil Tube assemblies  Oil Tube	 Black widow centering spiders  Bronze bearings  Shafting  Retainer Inserts

 Rubber turbine parts 

LCF bearings  LCF Drawing  Cutlass bearing Marine  Franklin Panel boxes  PWS panels
  Rubber turbine parts  LCF bearings  LCF Bearing Drawing  Cutlass bearing Marine  Franklin Panel boxes panels
 Wire    Double jacketed  sub wire  Splice Kit  Steel Drop Pipe  Fiberglass Drop Pipe Fiberglass Column Pipe 
 Submersible pump Wire    Double jacketed submersible pump wire Double jacketed  sub wire   Splice Kit   Steel Drop Pipe  Fiberglass drop pipe  Fiberglass Column Pipe  
 Steel Column Pipe Strainers  Drive line with and without dampners   Flanges  Shaft guard    Drive line flange parts 
  Steel Column Pipe    cone strainer basket strainer   Drive shaft - Dampener drive shaft   Flanges  Shaft guard      Drive line flange parts
   Drive line cross snap rings              
  Drive line cross snap rings