Fiberglass Pipe

Fiberglass Column Pipe

Have you noticed that steel pipe just doesn't seem to last as long as it used to.  The answer to this problem is Fiberglass Pipe. This lightweight (approximately 8 lbs. per foot vs. 20 lbs. per foot for steel pipe) will last longer than any of the other components in the typical turbine pump installation.  With our flange style ends, the installation is easier and faster to install than conventional threaded column pipe. No chainwrenches are required for installation!  For those slim hole applications, threaded and coupled ends are available.  Since this product is made right here in the USA, we can offer you it for just a little more than steel,  yet substantially less than stainless steel.  Contact us today to learn all about this exciting new product!

Fiberglass column pipe Made in the USA



fiberglass column pipe threaded ss nipple


Unique to the industry is the thread and coupled version of fiberglass column pipe.  Through a proprietary process a stainless steel nipple is fusion bonded to the fiberglass and the two dissimilar materials actually become one at the point of contact.  This "bonding" prevents the stainless nipple from becoming detached from the fiberglass during the installation / removal process.  The pipes can then be joined by either a low carbon steel or for the best corrosion protection a stainless steel coupling.  Available in oil / water lube column pipe RH threads or in a new (patent pending) LH configuration for submersible drop pipe.  With the left handed threads the possibility of pipe separation from the sub motor torque is greatly reduced.


fiberglass column pipe strength test


Worried about strength? Don't be. 

The fiberglass pipe has been independently tested to pull strengths of over 40,000 lbs. maximum tensile load.  Also performed were compression strength and tensile strength tests to meet ASTM standards, which assure both quality and performance.